Contains Added Sugar and Pepper

Sometimes you feel cheated from all ends. The world looks so unfair to you.

And you would be thrown to different positions/problems until you scream back that you have had enough and you are petrified by the situation..

What if we try to give it back, it starts throwing tantrums and give you more shitty stuff unless you break.

May be that is how it works. You got to break down at some point and let the problem win for a while. Take your own time. Give yourself a deep breath, gain all energy required and come back to smash it all down and win over it again.


Padma Kumari. K

Drizzled Rangoli

It was drizzling that evening as her mom shut the windows in the drawing room and signed her to go up and sleep. She had a hearty dinner that evening, the loud burp made it quiet evident of the same!

She hopped up to her room to find her room window open. She so wanted to enjoy the drizzle over. She stole herself to the balcony beside the window. She peeped her face over the railing and stuck out her tongue to taste it probably!

She could hear someone climbing upstairs, so she quickly shut herself in her room, dried her face and off she tucked herself into the cosy bed.

“Deepa! Deepa!!” Her mother shrilled. “Are you still awake?”

” Y.. Yes Amma.. tell me..”

She gave a bunch of brand new shopping bags. She reminded her of the next day and down she left.

Deepa opened them with excitement to find a silk saree in her favourite teal colour. It was adorned with a traditional mango motif at the sides. To go with the saree was a heavy antique gold jewellery with matching earrings. She was brimming with excitement seeing all this!

Her granny must be right that she is gifted to get rich and kind parents like hers!

At the break of dawn, she was woken up by her mother. She quickly obeyed her mother and put on the saree and ornaments after a quick shower.

Without wasting a moment, she was whisked away in a car by her parents. A car that followed it was that of the mother’s brother, his wife and their 7 year old, Suresh. Soon all of them reached the Amman temple in their village. A handful of people from the same street came soon after.

The priest was performing the rituals of the wedding that was about to take place. The groom was all ready in his silk dhoti and shirt at the pandal.

A few months passed by..

Deepa has already established herself in the new family. She got up before everyone, took shower on time, put little rangolis that she was learning from her fellow neighbours, cooked up breakfast for her husband, in-laws and tried doing all possible chores that was there in her house.

As she was filling colour in her rangoli that morning, a car arrived and little Suresh hopped out of it and hugged her tight.

“Akka.. you were not seen for so many days in the school. You were probably hiding away from me to skip the pending treat you had to give for topping your class. ” Suresh blabbered out with a candid anger. “You probably ate all the panipuris we used to share by yourself. Look at your paunch!!”

She replied a smile back and took him in her new house.



Padma Kumari K


Engineering colleges could be a place of simmering love stories or a place to showcase your wardrobe collections or a place to celebrate birthday parties or any other occasion from a masala movie but a place to teach engineering, to get enlightened about the same?? I doubt..

There was this old man at a hospital waiting room. I was sitting beside him, waiting for my turn. The hospital happened to be a med school as well. As a bunch of med students flocked through us, the old man got curious and wanted to know what I do.

I pulled my collars up and told him that I am an engineering student. He scratched his head and asked,

” What do you learn?”

I, being a computer student, told him that we write programs for things like mobile phones.

He was a tough cookie!! He asked a series of questions. I stammered, but managed and convinced him somehow that engineering was something related to a very high standard of education.

“Token no 14” , the lady in the corner table announced.

What a relief I thought!! Finally it was my turn!!!!

After returning home, I mulled over whatever happened till then. I asked the same questions to me, I stammered again!

Not knowing what I was doing, I did the same for another couple of years. I should have quitted that day, I could have become a movie director or a renowned food blogger or a lyricist or a musician or.. just name it, I could have been anything but… I chose to continue engineering and not become anyone of them!

I didn’t get placed in any x, y, z company, my family never wanted me to work with a bpo and no one else was giving me a job!!

Next phase..

I tried walk-ins…. but bad luck!!

I tried to be a lecturer.. no college would hire me without a PG!

Then.. finally I bent myself down and gave my resume to a nearby matric school.. ( I swear I would have never even thought of admitting my child in that school, you know.. standards matter for an engineering graduate’s kid right??)

Damn!! They rejected me as a teacher since I don’t have a B.ed degree..

Then what more did I do??

Nothing ..

I’m waiting..

For a desperate job..





Padma Kumari. K

Pink Rust

It was the usual tea break that we get. A drum of tea accompanied by a stack of disposable cups was there on the snack table. A tray adjoining the same had a bunch of Parle-G biscuits carelessly thrown over. Since we were ‘engineers’ working there, we could take tea and as many of the Parle-G biscuits as we want to, as opposed to the workers under other categories. When I took a pack of it, tiny fingers reached from behind me to take one of the packs. She started munching on it and a cup of tea. In no time, it was gone.

The girl had muddy matted hair with face covered in debris. She still looked pretty with the torn grey frock that had a few rust spots here and there. Her brown eyes had a worn out look for obvious things that a 10 year old could ever take.

With wobbly legs, she went back to the giant rusted pipe behind me, took a cloth nearby, poured over some liquid solution over it and started rubbing out the rust from the pipe.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Faded blurry flashes of her little face kept coming into my head. I twisted and turned sideways but she kept dominating my thoughts.

During the tea break the next day, the same girl came for the biscuit pack and all I could do was to just give her another pack of biscuits. What else could I do?


Padma Kumari. K

Never mind… Holy tomatoes!!

Each time I cut open a tomato, three things cross my mind.

First, one of my relatives was diagnosed and treated for kidney stones. She says that the eye of the tomato is harmful and one should cut it off before using it for cooking.

Second, my school friend says that the seeds of the same are harmful.

Third, (I have no idea who said this to me!) the skin is bad for one’s health.

So which part of the tomato should I cook with?

And that’s not all..

Know what? Eating tomatoes is said to worsen acid reflux and migraines.

Some argue tomatoes fall under fruits category. And fruits should be had in empty stomach without combining it with other diets!!(remember the Whatsapp forwards??). If it has to be had like that, what would I cook??

Well, these are just for starters.. Read health magazines and articles for a couple of months and you will be left out to have only air and water as the safest food. Now that’s not true too.. ‘coz you know, canned water is bad, water sold in pet bottles is bad, boiled water is bad, RO water is bad and tap water? is also bad..

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge ~ Stephen Hawking


Padma Kumari. K

Jackal and The Cigar Lighter

That was my first date with him. He took me to a restaurant downhill. We had a good chit chat and Rusty, my pet dog, was there all the time.

” It’s already 6. We should start back to our place. It’s getting dark.” I said with a panicky voice.

“We’ll be there in no time sweetie” He assured with the smile I fell for.

So we started back in his posh car and he stopped in middle of nowhere and, that was kind of creepy! He probably wanted to have a fag. He got down the car, started walking off the road and stood in a human made path that led to nowhere! He stopped near a stream and started having his fag. A million thoughts crossed my mind. I was having all nightmares and thought what a bad choice I made. Thank god I came with Rusty! ‘Why was Adi behaving so immature’, I thought to myself. In a flash, the guy was nowhere! Really? He disappeared into thin air. Sounds like a nightmare. May be I’m just freaking out. He’s probably waiting for me in the car. Damn Adi, he is never off his silly games.

I turned to the path to head back to the car and whoops! I just spotted a Jackal or a wild dog! Damn the creature looked like a dog though. I was moving very quietly pretending not to see the same and it was following us too. “Rusty, Rusty” I whispered to my cute little doggy. May be I wanted him to fight the creature and rescue me. I walked and it felt as if the thing was following us. I don’t know why I didn’t run! The thing was just a couple of step behind. I got to do something else I might be his dinner!! With cold sweaty hands I took off the lighter from my jean shorts. ( Ok! Now that was a gift meant to give Adi). With all courage I had, I turned back and lighted up the lighter.


The dog/ Jackal was not to be seen. Instead I found Adi with his teethy smile! I had a stupid grin over my face.

” What happened to you all of a sudden?” He asked smilingly.

I still wore the stupid grin. My sweaty face was only making it worse.

” It’s just a street dog!”


Padma Kumari. K

Spoon for thought…

A usual mundane morning. She was winding up the kitchen counter after her kids and her husband left. She was putting away the vessels from the draining tub. Quiet a hectic day it was!

She looked at the counter top. There was this open vessel of batter. She looked into it to see batter all over the sides of the vessel. She couldn’t bear the mere sight of it and she scraped off the sides, threw the laddle in the sink. She cleared up the onion peels, knives, oil pourer, the chopping board and all possible odds back to their home. She wiped up the counter top and it was spic and span!

There the draining tub was empty but for the spoons and a big wok. She carefully took it off the tub and kept the wok down in its place and a spoon slipped off her hand and cling!! It fell on the floor. She put back the rest of spoons in its place and the one that fell off?!

“Oh yes!! She pretended she didn’t see.”

Come on.. We are not perfectionists! Get over these silly stuff!! It’s ok to overlook or pretend that you don’t see certain stuff.


Padma Kumari. K

Coffee Grounds

Sometimes life just screws you up! There I was in the middle of night, at the kitchen counter reaching out for the coffee bottle that contained the wonderful ground stuff made from the finest of all the beans? the coffee bean!

I could hardly see anything. It was not that I was sleepy but I was in a dark room till then pretending to sleep. Duh!! So I just brushed up my eyes and looked through the window to make sure I really was awake. The moon along the window was as spooky as ever. Sometimes even as beautiful as a thing like moon could appear spooky and so it did.. But that’s not the point.. All I wanted was just a good cup of coffee. So there I was.. pressed out a nice brew of coffee from the coffee filter. Oh! How lazy I was to take it out everyday. But a screwed up day would definitely throw the laziness out of your body! Believe me it does!!

So there I was, on a magic spree!! Boiled some water and poured it out in my coffee mug. Then I topped it up with the decoction and yes., how can I forget the ground cinnamon?! After all the coffee had to be Christmassy in the mid of a snowy night (thanks to Charlie Harper, that coined the word, Christmassy!!)

I grabbed my coffee mug and off I went to my coffee nook?! Oh yeah., the little chair adjacent to the spooky window! Then suddenly I realised how beautiful that snow night was! The opposite house had this beautiful Halloween decoration in their patio. The table had a few pumpkins on it. One among them was the biggest! Aww.. how awesome it looked! It was as if it had a good helping of snow icing over its hat! Cute fatty pumpkin it was! but then I remembered the guy from the same house. ‘Coffee makes me go crazy and sleepless, definitely not my drink after 7! ‘ how could I not remember his words?

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I saw that patio and the door that would never open again for me. I threw away the coffee in the kitchen sink and down it went satisfying my kitchen sink’s throat.

So there I went back, back to my bedroom.. pushed myself into the quilt to pretend sleeping.. I did sleep after that. Or did I?


Padma Kumari. K

Cupid Strikes and Salty Cheeks

Broken heart and a pair of withered lips

Yearning for dew drops

Along arid abandoned sands

And with creepers so creepy

Clinging to a grey dark wall

A train of thoughts

With prince in a ball

And morning walks along the same sands

With fingers entwined in his’

Left hand grabbed on his right waist

Pretty pink lenses

To look at his wheatish face

Heart beats racing up

For the pink lips

That reached for hers’

And a kiss that was complete

For the hearts to hug together

Along the arid sands

With few dew drops that drenched the dark gloomy walls

Salty cheeks along the salty waters

Waves that washed away the peril


Padma Kumari. K

Magic Potion

Oranges and lemons

With transparent spirits and coloured ones

Blended with blocks of ice

And a dash of spicy spice

Bartenders and sommeliers

To get over her and a few liars

Complimented with sluggish accompaniments

Is an arrray of mocking potions

And a few added spirits made with added delusions

He floated over the blue skies

And drowned in the greasy layered rice

With pieces of peppers and steak

That kept standing in between the food pipe to give a peak

Toxic people and addictive talk

That happened along with it

Was not a dream and so be it!

Say cheers to the lung that’s burnt

By the coloured tall glasses of scotch and coke

Oh! The next day is for detoxifying with charred greens from wok

Untreated is the heart that hasn’t learnt!


Padma Kumari. K